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   You have entered a cyber Temple of prayer and power, a place where your personal “I can” meets with Universal “I can”.  May all who enter here be blessed with Peace, healing and enlightenment. This is a Temple where people come to close the door on sin, karma, blind chance, weakness and fear… whatever one wishes to call it, it is….. {False Evidence Appearing Real)…..

   This is done by making conscious choices, propelled by focused prayer and intention, thus CREATING a more harmonious Now and Future.  We pray in the true way (Believing…Knowing…Rejoicing) that we are answered.  We will explore and dissolve, by the reasoning and wisdom of many cultures, anything that stands in the way of this rejoicing in our co-creative powers of Life.  Here, you will learn to first create a democracy and harmony in your body/mind…then learn to spread this harmony into the world around you; this very much includes governments, especially our own. 


   How many of us have felt powerless in the face of governments, religions or international conglomerates that control almost all aspects of our lives from the time we are born until the time we leave this earth.  I assure you that you are not powerless to change the injustices of the world…every single one.  Not only do you have the power to do so, you have the spiritual right to do so in a world where millions of it’s very best have given their lives for the dream of self-rule.  Every generation has its war; this one is ours.  It is a different kind of war than our fathers fought, and their fathers before them.  It is the most dangerous of all wars because it is no longer about territory; it is about the control of our very minds, souls and bodies… the right of a human being to be self-governing.  If we cannot do this, we cannot pass through the doorway to Freedom, and all its implications, hidden and unhidden.  Great wonders on this earth await our spiritual maturity (Freedom).

   But how?  We are not invited into the secret chambers of Presidents, Congressmen and women, CEO’s and lobbyists.  They do not consult with us when making decisions that affect our lives.  And yet, somehow we must become just as powerful as they are in deciding what happens on this planet, or Democracy dies.  By the Necessity of Evolution...


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is an idea whose time has come.  You sitting in your armchairs in your little or big homes are as powerful as any president, king, or government that has ever existed.  We will show you how.

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Kirantana Khalsa - Official Site

“Kir” is an accomplished musician, author, peacekeeper, healer, and Naturopathic Medical Doctor. He was the only student publicly recognized by Yogi Harbhajan Singh—the founder of Kundalini Yoga—as a master of Kundalini-Laya Yoga before his passing in 2004.

His yoga teachings have helped everyone from hardcore addicts, prisoners, war survivors with PTSD, to Hollywood movie stars.

After his service in Bosnia and Serbia as a private contractor and peacekeeper, he joined the Dalai Lama’s order of Kalachakra monks to embody and work for world peace.

He is the author of the book "The Man Who Saw the Face of God", which you can learn more about by clicking here